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I’m a web developer and social media consultant

My name is Martin Edwards. A few years ago I, like many in the IT industry, started using social media for business. I found it fascinating that something so simple could develop such complex relationships. The data on the face of it is pretty trivial, just how much can you say in 140 characters? Well as we all now know, rather a lot. The genius of Twitter is the ability to include a link to an information resource within the 140 characters. For a data management person the ability to fit all those connections into a few shortened links makes for a very compact and efficient system. For the marketing professional it unlocks the door to a world of socially connected market research, analytics, monetisation. For the prospective business owner it holds the promise of to making a reasonable assessment of the value of advice based on the reputation of the author as attested by content shared socially, likes, favourites, followers, friends, position on Google etc. In short, “Social Proof”.

Socially Connected Lean & Agile Startups

As an experienced IT consultant, I know how the technology works, and having been immersed in the socially connected world for the last 5 years, building networks and communities, I believe that I can offer my clients the right sort of help with building their business using the free, open source, pay per use services that are available.
Recent developments in Open Source web services, cloud servers and mobile apps give entrepreneurs a fantastic oportunity to build socially connected  “Lean & Agile” businesses that engage with the world at a fraction of the cost expected in the past. My philosophy has always been to build systems piece by piece, concentating on the things that make revenue first.

Getting the Scale Right

I’ve worked with some pretty big companies over the years, and a lot of very small ones too! As a database designer I’ve built large scale SQL business to business order management systems for property maintenance companies. As a web developer I’ve built e-commerce web services and mobile work management applications. I host sites on my own Amazon AWS cloud servers and manage email services, Joomla and WordPress CMS servers and client’s websites.
I am happy to work with businesses that want to “have a go” themselves and will be very pleased to help in what ever way I can. Subscribe to my email list for free and let’s start talking business.

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