How a comment on Firepole Marketing led to a “content upgrade” video

I was reading a guest post on the Firepole Marketing blog by Tim Soulo of the other day.
It was about using “Content Upgrades {aff}” to help improve your conversion rates when building an email list.
This is something I am very keen to do, as you might imagine!
The idea is to include a link to some extra detailed and helpful content or resources in the middle of your blog post. This content should be relevant to the article and add value to it. The idea is that anyone reading the article is already interested in the topic and is more likely to click through to get the additional material.
One of the tricky things to consider is that you need to have several different resources available and link them to your single MailChimp list.
One of the commenters on the blog (Kathryn Goldman), asked how this worked. Tim suggested that it may be possible in MailChimp using hidden fields but hadn’t tried it.
Being the helpful sort of chap that I am, I confirmed that it is possible and that I had set up my email list to do this.
Well Tim said he would like to see a post or a video about how I had done it.
So I have recorded a Bootstrap Wealth Tech. Tips video all about it.
And of course it is only fair to set it up as a content upgrade to this post!
So here it is!

I hope you find it useful, and of course welcome to the Bootstrap Wealth pre-launch list!


(Full disclosure: The “Content Upgrades” link marked {aff} is an affiliate link so if you purchase the premium version of that plugin via the link I will get a percentage – which will help my finances! )